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Dissecting the Countless Sides of Toros

Date Added: January 09, 2015 10:14:19 AM
Author: Benjamin Gray
Category: Arts
Birthed in 1964 in Armenia, Toros has had a multi dimensional improvement as a person and as a creator. Having seen the different cultures of three powerful states, he keeps an artistic component that's not just huge in imagination, but also encompasses atypical kaleidoscope of thoughts and art streams as a whole. Toros, as he's better called, in his own words weaves the real and imaginary world into his masterpieces. Any person who has seen and observed much of Vagarshak's oils would agree that these exposes intense inner thought and an expression that's distinctively his own. He declares to being inspired by the Vanguard form of painting and is possibly also doing tests with abstract as well as expressionism. A glimpse at any of the highly stylish and magnificent of Vagarshak Torosijn art, one sees almost no touch of feminine or softness in them, but there is no insensitivity or an expression of shock to his paintings too. Amusingly, he utilizes expressions of wit in his fine art to communicate ideas that are often more unfathomable and profound than they appear to be on the picture. Vagarshak Torosijn applies hues to his advantage in his paintings. In fact, often they're representative of the notion or the feeling that he wants to reveal. Strong sentiments are often shown by stronger colors which in fact also mirror the painter's mood swings. Note must be given to a number of very special fine art such as-"Two Clowns" and "Masquerade" both of which reveal the great creative capabilities of the maestro. His profound absorption with the clowns leaves us with wonderment if the artist attempts to tell us more than what is apparent in our eyes through these characters. Similar to all of his contemporaries, Torosijn Vagarshak is a little random in his preference of subject matter; in fact his range is as assorted as his use of shades. Just as one feels pleased and excited at his multifarious utilization of colors, so does his preference of subjects not only amazes but also startles us. He showacases a range of themese that skirts on the current to those of the old, particularly remarkable is his choice of subjects that also involve children, clowns, and an abundance of other individuals from different sections. So whether it's a celebration or images of clowns that he's dealing with, the master creates a solid statement anywhere. The canvases of Vagarshak illustrate bold and defined brush strokes; he aims to create order out of the mess. A first look at his canvases provides us with the effect of a disorganized piece, it is only when one tries to look at the bigger picture within the inner framework that the intricate themes and the restrained picture presentation within is obvious. The artist also shines in his portrayal of emotions, the characters in his paintings seem to communicate the message of the whole picture whether hilarious or melancholic, angry or disappointed within their imagery. One perceives that Toros is a person of different thoughts and a mind that runs riot as his use of hues. His preference in diverse methods and contradictory subjects break the sameness often linked to series oils; as a result, every masterpiece stands out in an in individual artistry. Yet another remarkable attribute about Vagarshak is the different tints he lends to his oils in terms of themes. While a number of his pictures have the faЗade of cheerful revelry in them, another look shows a different light to the same festivity, in a master crafting of multi dimensionality, he uses the base as a lighthearted theme while the expressions are made to convey feelings that are profound and that show other inclinations. We may summarize that Vagarshak stands out as a painter of considerable ability with canvases that both thrill and impel the spectator to contemplate.