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The Similarities and Differences in Works of Toros and OninO

Date Added: January 15, 2015 07:18:13 PM
Author: Benjamin Gray
Category: Arts

Born in Armenia in 1978, OninO was always a first-rate artist, but she was unsure about embracing art as a career preference. But after her period in a specialized art school, OninO happened to chance upon the artworks of the Russian master artist, Vagarshak Torosjin. This stimulated an immense change in the lady who was so inspired by the artistic method of Toros (Vagarshak Torosyan) that she began taking up art sincerely. One cannot but ignore the sizeable and great influence of Toros in shaping the vocation of OninO as an independent artist who displays great creative talent of her own. It shall be greatly unscrupulous to name the influences of Toros on her paintings as mere replication it was intended as an assimilation of alike methods, brush strokes and improving of one's imagination that must be brought to the fore. OninO, who was specifically spellbound by the exciting and odd faces of Toros, spent two years studying art under him in U.S.A. By this time, though, the teacher was triumphant in making her realize her own procedure and develop her artistic abilities through the immense range of her canvas. Any contrast made between a mentor and a student cannot be referred to as a simulation of art on either person. It's in effect a realization of the artistic potential of each artist in trying to highlight the artistic finesse of each while pointing out the outside influences of the finished result. As is anticipated, the influence of Toros is pretty visible in some of the earlier artworks of OninO. Though even in the subsequent years she maintains several of it, it is more on the latter half of her creative term when we can see the eccentricity of OninO as a painter. During the early period, one observes resemblance specifically in the description of the characters, this includes the identical narrow faces, with curious facial expressions. A good glance however, demonstrates that Toros's characters are either at times more accurate and at others, totally weird, while those of OninO's are somewhere in between. Also interestingly one gets the impression that her characters are bigger than in reality and more lavish and daring in their mannerisms. One cannot help but discount in both the art pieces of Torosijn Vagarshak's and OninO, the highlighting of the various kinds of hats that the characters wear. While the faces of Toros are devoid of hats (though the characters do put on a hat in the other paintings), each painting of OninO has the characters donning some or the other kind of flashy hat. In fact, all of OninO's hats are exciting and they draw as much thought as the characters themselves. Both however, keep their influence of Cubism; OninO more frequently than her teacher. Her toying with shapes is so delicately manifested and so dainty that one may miss out on it if not viewed with a careful eye. The amalgamation of natural factors and feelings into each of the paintings is one characteristic of both Toros and OninO. But while Vagarshak Torosjin firmly maintains barely any traces of feminist tendencies in his works, OninO's works are sated with them. OninO's inclination to romance, match making, partying and display of fine living make her artworks have a particularly unique impression from that of Vagarshak Torosjin, who can be more related with the two limits of make believe as well as realism. Just as in some other genres, both artists are somewhat mismatched in their choice of subject matters. The daring brush strokes of Toros versus the more subtle ones of OniO's and alike color palette are on the other hand, particular choices that come forward while observing the two painters. In the depiction of emotions within the images of their picture, whether comic or melancholic, infatuation or passion, fury or dissatisfaction, the two painters display sufficient verification of mastery. It's in this resemblance but unique presentation of artistic skill and impressions that the two artists stand their own niche and OninO makes her declaration as painter of enormous caliber pretty clearly felt. You can better glance at Toros Creations at online page Art Gallery for Exacting Collectors of Painting. This Contemporary Gallery is the sole vender of art works by Toros.