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Convert PDF Files to Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress Formats

Date Added: January 28, 2015 03:48:20 PM
Author: Ian Hanes
Category: Computers and Internet: Software
Helping graphics designers to finish their products in desktop publishing suits for Macintosh computers, PDF2DTP makes it easy to convert PDF files into either Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress formats. An affordable solution, it allows users to move content from PDF files into editable formats so that they can continue working on their projects in more flexible and familiar desktop publishing environments. No longer do users need to worry about recreating their documents from scratch or converting entire PDF files one page at a time. Ultimately, PDF2DTP provides a one-stop solution to help give publishers a head start in converting their content. This is particularly useful when working with files that feature multiple pages, and thanks to the intuitive and simple user interface, data conversion is a quick and simple process, and the software takes care of the hard work for you to offer an excellent return on investment. If you have a batch of files in the highly popular and industry-standard PDF format, or even in the Adobe Illustrator format, then PDF2DTP ( ) is a must-have tool if you want to be able to work with those files in a more flexible environment. If you have lost all of the native source files, including images that are in your PDF or Illustrator documents, PDF2DTP provides an effective way to allow you to get back to work by grabbing not only the text, but also all other elements, from the document for further editing. In a matter of seconds, you can convert multiple source files into editable formats that you can start working on in either InDesign or QuarkXPress right away. Thanks to an intuitive user interface, working with PDF2DTP couldn't be easier, and to get started, all you need to do is navigate to "Convert PDF Files" in the program, and the select the PDF or Illustrator file that you want to convert. It doesn't matter where the source files were created or which program they were created in due to the fact that PDF2DTP works with absolutely all PDF files. It will include all of the intricate details in the output, including fonts, colours, images and all other formatting and content elements. Simply put, none of the important information or formatting will be lost during the conversion process, allowing you to get right back to working on the project as though you had direct access to all of the source files again. Additionally, you'll be able to choose which elements to grab from the PDF or Illustrator source files through the program preferences window, and as you'll see, there are many options to choose from covering just about every on-page element that you can think of. It takes a matter of seconds to convert most files, even if you want to convert all elements of the source file. PDF2DTP is available through either a 12-month or permanent subscription model, and there are two versions available including one for users of Adobe InDesign and another for users of QuarkXPress. Subscriptions start at $199 per year.