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Rate My Minister - First Site to Rate Your Minister/Pastor

Date Added: November 24, 2015 02:44:05 AM
Author: Tom Jones
Category: Regional: North America: United States
In order to grow into responsible adults, and good citizens, we all need direction and constructive criticism. Since we’re little children our parents and teachers were looking after us, rewarding us for our achievements, and encouraging us to improve in those areas we’re not at our best. In our professional lives, we also are subjects to many different kinds of evaluations: by our co-workers, managers, employers, boards of directors and even shareholders. In the same way, the clergy men and women who serve us in our churches deserve to be praised for their efforts and successes, encouraged for their sacrifices while leading us to God, and given constructive criticism in the areas we’d like to see them improve. We, God’s followers at, have finally created for you such a tool! By reviewing your Minister (aka: Clergy - Pastor - Priest - Deacon - Elder - Preacher - Bishop - Reverend - Chaplain - Rabbi - Spiritual Leader) and The Lord’s House (aka: Church - Chapel - Parish - Cathedral - Temple - Synagogue - House of Worship), you are given the opportunity to create constructive and subjective feedback in order to help your Minister grow, The Lord’s House to improve, and at the same time you can assist others to find and experience God’s love! Consequently, at, every Minister can be rated by such qualities: Approachable, Trustworthy, Effective Preacher, Person of Faith, Compassionate and Good Leader. Similarly, every Lord’s House can be graded by the following criteria: Welcoming Atmosphere, Hospitality, Caring Community, Staff, Homebound Ministry, Inclusivity, Music, Youth Ministry and Overall Quality Of Worship As you post your rating, every Minister - Lord’s House will be allocated on the Angel’s happiness scale. The Angel will acquire a happy face when the Minister - Lord’s House receives the most of positive reviews, or a sad face – for a majority of negative ones. Furthermore, with every Minister - Lord’s House, we offer you an opportunity you to give a “LIKE” or "An Angel Up” option! The more "Angels" any given Minister receives, the more successful and fulfilled he or she is! To sum it up, has not been created for rants, revenge, outbursts of frustration or hateful criticism. We believe that all people created by God are GOOD, yet we still have our weaknesses and shortcomings. Therefore, the main purpose of this website is to help you find your Minister’s - Lord’s House strengths as well as areas to improve. Finally, we, the founders of, would like to invite you to visit this Website and encourage other believers to do so, in order to team up and together build up the Kingdom of God by promoting the Ministers who Believe what they Read, Teach what they Believe and Practice what they Teach.